I am thrilled about the opportunity to collaborate with respected global leaders in the wellness hospitality sector
Lefay Resort & Spa Lago Di Garda

I am thrilled to announce my professional collaboration with Lefay Resort & Spa Lago Di Garda in May 20 until May 31, 2024.


Please visit their webiste for more information:

Lefay Resort & Spa Lago Di Garda
GoCo Hospitality

An empowering residency by Lucja Maslowska commences at the Cove who we excitedly welcome. A renowned expert in nutrition, medical massage and meditation @myseparateworld Lucja joins us to offer her in-depth knowledge of all matters well-being and energy as part of our Healing Masters series at the GOCO Spa. About further Lucja's residency informations you can find in the link @daios_cove

Mandarin Oriental

Discover the transformative power of holistic healing with Lucja Maslowska, our visiting health and well-being specialist at The Spa. Lucja offers a unique and comprehensive approach to your wellness journey. Through her intuitive medical massage, personalized nutritional counseling, and guided meditation, she helps you heal from within, both physically and mentally.



It is an honour and high recognition professionally and personally to be acknowledged and invited by the world's best health and well-being destination to provide my services to their guests. To participate working along an impeccable ethos of multidisciplinary health professionals and to together coordinate and design an individual health session for each of Chiva-Som's guest. It is an enriching experience and opportunity to learn, grow and share knowledge and passion together to support, encourage those who seek and are on their well-being journey.  Lucja Maslowska in Chiva-Som in March 2024


one hyde park

The collaboration with One Hyde Park started in January 2019 and since then I have been regularly treating many of residents there. Dependable and dedicated, I earned the trust and confidence of many clients from every profession or walk of life. With my expertise in massage therapy, nutrition and meditation, I use my knowledge and training to offer coordinated services to help my clients achieve a balanced approach towards a lifestyle that enhances their quality of living.


Lucja has lived and studied in Poland, New York City, London and India, and now travels across the world bringing her breadth of therapies to guests at luxury resorts around the globe, from Seychelles to South Africa. Passionate about helping clients achieve a balanced approach towards lifestyle and enhancing their quality of living, her unique combination of education, travel and experiences have built her a loyal base of clients all around the world.


Six Senses

Lucja’s varied skill set is a unique combination of intuitive medical massage and body work combined with nutritional counselling and meditation to help others connect to their true self, regain a balanced perspective, and heal from within. This unique combination enables her clients to pursue a successful, satisfying and healthy life.


Lucja Maslowska

Health Specialist
in the Health and Wellbeing industry

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