The breathtaking Seychelles, April 2022

In the middle of the Indian Ocean, from the East African coast: the Seychelles is situated over many islands of incredible natural wonders.

It has an authentic charm and uniqueness with the most heartfelt welcome from local people. The vast choice of diving activities with stunning coral reefs, the local cuisine, the vibrant culture, warm tropical climate all year, a home to forests of coco de mer palm, sandy beaches that play a crucial role for turtle breeding sites. It has the highest population of the giant tortoises in the world; the famous Aldabra tortoise. And the La Digue with its Grand Anse beach of a white, powdery sand, shaded granite boulders with clear, shallow waters, is all what makes Seychelles the most stunning place on Earth.

The visit to Seychelles would certainly not be complete without tasting the traditional ingredients of these islands.
The Aldabra giant tortoise for which the Seychelles is famous.
Enjoying a moment of black coffee in a pleasant setting on the La Digue, added just that little bit extra to the experience.
Spectacular evenings in Seycheles with an abundance of natural beauty and spirited energy.
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