Chiva-Som, Thailand, March 2024

Chiva-Som in Thailand is one of the world's best health and well-being sanctuary. It is an honour and high recognition professionally to be acknowledged and invited by the world's best health and well-being destination to provide my services to their guests. To participate working along an impeccable ethos of multidisciplinary health professionals and to together coordinate and design an individual health session for each of Chiva-Som's guest. It is an enriching experience and opportunity to learn, grow and share knowledge and passion together to support, encourage those who seek and are on their well-being journey. 

Chiva-Som's philosophy is based on providing transformational methods towards optimal health and well-being. There are about 80 highly qualified therapists here and in addition; Doctors, Nurses, Osteopaths, Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Healing Therapists, Aesthetics, Beauty therapists anf fitness trainers.

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Lucja Maslowska

Health Specialist
in the Health and Wellbeing industry

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