Surrender Cultivates Tranquility.

I stand at the edge of the unknown understanding that life doesn’t happen to us it happens through us with inevitable hardships that are part of a continuum. Things goes wrong in life most of the time. Healing takes courage. Practicing acceptance, reconnecting with our true being, moving on from pain and sorrow, turning great pain into purpose is the hardest challenge. Pain is a result of resistance to situations we are powerless to reverse. When in life everything falls apart, when our deepest self collapse, when we find ourself in a state of feeling depleted we need our inner resistance to surrender. Not to deceive ourself, but to move on, no matter the undesirable situation. This world does not want to accept complexity, and in this world we are more likely to meet people with unconscious compulsion to destroy others through judgment and dominance. That creates a threating inner emotional experience which tightens up our body and further results in restrictions of the flow of life's energy. We experience stress. It takes time to heal, to restore the process of the flow in us, to break in the resistance pattern seated deeply in our mind. We long for a change, a change that would free us from heavy emotions that killed our spirit. We can not remain hurt by all the weight of past betrayal and pain, we need to rebuild resilience and self-trust from deep within, we need to release all that we once knew and embrace all the unknow that is there. To remain unaffected by any intolerable experienced situations, we have to acknowledge our experiences as powerful catalysts which propel us towards soulful growth.  Our true being exists eternally in the timeless realm of when we are in a present moment. This is where our energy of peace, stillness, quiet, our higher spirit and acceptance immeasurably awakens us to recognize our inner wisdom, deep strength and remind us to be kind with ourself, and to embrace and surrender to all what life is presenting us with. In that state of surrender, we again begin to see what needs to be done, one thing at a time. In that present state, our consciousness ceases to be controlled by the external unpleasant conditions. And, life begin to unfolds without dissatisfaction. In the timeless dimension of being in the present moment good change comes again and life becomes lighter. We step into the new enriching growth and gratitude towards life, ourself and our journey. We forgive those who hurt us, we forgive ourself. We remain kind and loving. Surrender is our spiritual path of letting go.

May 12, 2024, 2am. You don't live on the earth, you are passing through it. Rumi.

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