A place of calmness. Oman, November 2022


An incredible opal, vast, blue waters with silky beach sand in the Zighy Bay Musandam Peninsula in Oman, surrounded by rust coloured rocky mountains instantly takes your mind, body and breath to a place of calmness and a meditative state of being. Throughout my every day in Oman I experienced the connection to nature’s energy that allowed me to be present and feel calm and most of the time I walked barefoot to feel the warm sand, to connects more with the Earth.

Connecting with the nature harmonises my internal rhythms, induce deeper inner peace and recharge my mind, body and sprit, promotes an instant sense of calm and wellbeing.

Oman's powerful connection to nature made me even more realized how the modern World and technologies has been increasingly disconnecting us from the nature. We spent time indoors, or we walk around cars, noise, we are constantly distracted by digital transformation which isn't supportive to our mind, body and wellbeing growth. We are experiencing stress at level beyond acceptable that is why our body’s fight-or-flight mechanism becomes triggered too easily and it undermine our mental and physical health.

The entrance to Six Senses Spa in Oman Zighy Bay.
Colors comes before the sun breaches the horizon and to see them, we woke up at around 4:30am in the morning to walk to the top mountains. The silence in the water, the early sun gently arising, painting the sky in soft, yellow, orange and blue colours is the moment in Oman I will treasured the most.
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