Taj Mahal, India, 2019

Year 2019. It has been my most spiritual journey and transitional time of my life. Fascinatingly vibrant, incredible India where diversity delights and beauty enthrals. The many ancient temples, mosques, monasteries represent India's rich spiritual and traditional heritage. It is a place of immersive beauty and chaos that creates a visible connection between the past and the present but evokes a deep feeling of greatfulness in the heart.

The magnificence of the Lotus Temple it is a representation of knowledge, spirituality, peace, diversity as it symbolizes the unity and tolerance and respect to all religions. It is not allowed to play any musical instrument inside the Lotus Temple, because of the believe in the Oneness of God and religion. But, you may chant in any or your own language, read or meditate.
Jantar Mantar in Delhi where you can see the impressive monumental instruments designed for observation and prediction of the movements of sun, moon and the planets.
Fire ceremony upon the completion of my 300 hours mediation program in Rishikesh. The purpose of the fire is to awaken our awareness of the five elements or forces within and around us; the earth, water, fire, air, light. My spiritual journey in India brough me much closer to understanding and connecting with these five elements.
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