The Evolution of the Massage Profession

Massage has a time-honored history in medicine with its oryginal connections to ancient Greece. Hippocrates, the founding father of natural medicine had a high regard for massage, and considered it to be one of the arts. Then Swede; Pehr Heinrick Ling was named the father of modern massage, It was his work with athletes, gymnasts, that led to his development and research of soft tissues technique that are known in today medicine as Swedish Massage.

The famous Kanheri Caves are deeply nestled among the tranquil Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali in Mumbai, where when visting in 2019 I experienced seeing, meditating and walking among them.

Science discovers more about the human body and many studies have documented the benefits of massage therapy for the treatment of acute and chronic pain, muscles spasm, various soft tissue dysfunctions, anxiety, depression, insomnia, emotional and mental stress. The massage therapy profession has a greater appreciation as more people realize regular massage therapy treatments is imperative in their recovery of emotional, mental wellbeing.

At Zighy Bay Six Senses Spa in Oman, I met and worked with Dr Peeyush Kumar, an Ayurveda doctor Specialist, Hatha Yoga teacher and Smriti Meditation Practitioner.

I believe the growing exchange of reserach information will enrich the medical knowledge of therapeutic massage work. The preventative medicine, modalities such as massage therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, osteopathy, nutrition, exercise and yoga will no longer be only regard as preventative practices, but play a significant role in every person’s wellbeing and health practices. I have seen the massage profession changing and becoming more substantial and requiring higher education not only in technical skills development but in strong knowledge of pathology, neurology, medications, records keeping, communication skills, therapeutic touch, and professional ethics.

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