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Having visited beautiful destination spas as part of my professional work, I witnessed the industry expanding with an innovative wellbeing programs for their guests. Destination Luxuries Resorts and Spas are offering an integrated healthcare journey focused on recovery, rehabilitation, wellbing health and lifestyle advice in the most breathtakingly natural surroundings that positively inspire self-nurturing practices and lead to healthier choices in life.

My meditaion teaching in Seychelles Six Senses Spa in April 2022, set in the most stunning nature surroundings.
My visit to Oman, Zighy By Six Senses Spa in November 2022 where visiting guests can experience traditional therapies that are based on a local culture, native to the country.

Resorts and Spa are integrating the breathtakingly natural surroundings which allows us to coexist with the natural world. Guests can experience personalised wellness treatments such as detox or digestive health, sleep programs, weight management, tailored exercise programs, yoga, meditation while connecting to nature which have the power to bring us to a present moment to heal us, it provide an incredible sense of well-being, bring us into a closer relationship with self and the Earth.

Morning meditation group session in Oman Zighy Bay where I teach the powerful mind, body, movement connection.
The most stunning treatments massage rooms that are encircled by the vast Indian Ocean in Seychelles Six Senses Spa where I worked in April 2022.

Without being connected to the Earth, we feel ungrounded, we become overwhelmed and washed through with chaotic energies around us. Connecting with nature, connects us to experience the beauty and the fragility of life. Gives us an incredible sense of supportive calm to restore and rejuvenate our internal energy field, center us back to present moment where healing takes place. More people are searching for deeply healing experiences, for inner energy renewal all which can be experienced through mindfulness and mediation that I encourage to practice every day.

Modern facilities launched by GOCO Hospitality at KEPOS Spa in Crete Grece in 2022 focus on holistic approach to health, are combined with innovative technology that deliver unapparelled experiences at Daios Cove Hotel.

My first visit to the spa at Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech where I offered my massage, nutrition, and meditation services and worked there from December 2023 until January 2024.

Traditional Moroccan Hammams are a place to come to clean and purify your body. The Moroccan hammam at the Mandarin Oriental Marrakech is the luxury feature of the spa to experience body exfoliation and cleansing rinse and to custom your treatments to suits your needs. Stunning pool area with open windows to look at a beautiful garden full of warming sun.

You may learn more about the wellbeing treatments I offer when visting spas around the World on my Services Page:

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