Together, we provide the highest quality wellbeing treatments in London UK.

We all want to stay healthy, both physically and emotionally, and to reduce stress and anxiety as much as possible.  We want to achieve balance and stability, and we want to develop the skills and confidence to maintain that healthy state on a regular basis.  Given today’s busy world, there never has been a time when these goals have been more important.  That is why superior therapeutic services are in such high demand.

Even before the arrival of the pandemic, demand was steadily increasing for in-home therapeutic services, whether they be body massage or beauty treatments.  In-home services are more personal, more private, more relaxing, and ultimately more effective.  Today, with the pandemic, these multiple advantages of in-home services are even more clear and substantial.

What distinguishes a really good therapist is that she takes the time to learn and understand the individualized needs and preferences of her clients, so that her services can be tailored precisely the right way.  While this can be achieved at the spa, it more likely will be realized in the home.  There, in the comfort and privacy of familiar surroundings, the client can discuss her issues and goals.  Equally important, the therapist can ask the right questions, follow-up, and then formulate just the right combination of services to please the client’s each and every demand.  

We: Desi and Lucja have years of experience at the highest levels of massage and beauty.  Desi Valentino a leading expert in the beauty industry and the founder of a highly acclaimed app — SKINNED, Lucja Maslowska is a renowned expert in massage, nutrition, and meditation in both London and New York City and is the founder of My Separate World,  Together, we provide the highest quality beauty and massage treatments available in the entire London area. We both use uniquely designed skincare products developed in Italy by Irene Forte,  And we are able to offer our services in the home — for your comfort, your privacy, and ultimately your quality of life.  Allow us to show you the wonders of our superior in-home treatments, on a schedule most convenient to you.  Your life will not be the same again.

It has been a great professional and personal journey to work and know you Desi, you are my inspiration
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