Suppressed emotions

Suppressed emotions are negative energy stored inside our body, mind and heart. These are negative, painful emotions which we want to escape rather than acknowledge. Unprocessed, unexpressed and suppressed negative emotions intensify over time and might show up as a range of psychological or physical symptoms such as: anger, physical illness, depression, sadness, anxiety, low self-esteem in our body. If we keep on suppressing negative emotions we buried them in our subconscious mind and as a result we experience chronic stress, mentally exhausting our body and mind.

Repressed emotions never disappear. We re-lived them as an constant hidden experience. Our feelings and thoughts seek to be acknowledged, to be honour in a constructive, respectful manner by our conscious mind. Emotional repression relates to our childhood experiences, but as an adult we often feel disconnected from these feelings, but they continue to show up in our behaviour and the way we respond to others. We feel afraid of confronting our deepest, intense emotions, especially if they are link to unpleasant, unwanted experiences. But, learning to embrace those emotions leads us to improve our emotional well-being over time and teach us to better navigate challenges of life by understanding who we are and why we are who we are, it helps us reverse the unmet needs.

Our mind tries to control every aspect of our life by fighting with being reject, ignore, judge, mistreated. But something deep within us deeply relaxes when we accept the unacceptable, when we do not resist. Throughout life, we experienced frustrations, fears, anxieties, rejections, and painful realities mostly from interpersonal relationships and interactions with others. Most of those experiences, hurts us, changes us. And when we are young we may make the mistake of trying to suppress that sadness. Thinking we could busy ourself with other things and forget our feelings, that we could numb those feelings. These are our first “defences” to the pain we are experiencing. Pain cannot be avoided or erased. Pain is an essential ingredient in any full life. Pain is natural and inevitable. And with that realization comes maturity to understand how to acknowledge and respect our emotions of pain, sadness and hurt and learn to process them instead of suppressing them. We can express our emotions by talking about them, writing about them, redirecting them in a meaningful ways. We should take comfort in the certainty that pain and sadness is a passing emotion. We should learn to understand that the only and most important relationship we will ever have is with ourselves. How we think about ourselves and how we treat who we are influence other relationships we will have. Be constantly thoughtful, loving towards who you are. Begin to see yourself as a person who needs the most compassion and care to be kind towards yourself than others. Validating and accepting all of our feelings without our own judgment is to give our inner self love and kindness to allow ourself to move toward self-understanding, loving and accepting ourself, learning to prioritize our own needs to be at peace with who we are.


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