What to do when you feel sad?

Sadness is a natural part of life an essential ingredient in any full life.

Throughout my own life, I have experienced frustrations, rejections, and painful realities from interpersonal relationships and interactions with others. Most of those experiences made me sad in one way or another, and for years I made the mistake of trying to suppress that sadness. Thinking I could busy myself with other things and forget my feelings, or that I could numb those feelings — these were my “defenses” to the pain. But eventually I realized that none of these “defensive” tactics work, because pain cannot be avoided or erased.  It is natural and inevitable. And with that realization came maturity and a new, more effective way to deal with sadness.

I now confront my sadness, head on. I think about what makes me sad and what I can learn from that. I take comfort in the certainty that sadness is a passing emotion, and that over time it will disappear. I don’t fear sadness, and I will not let it control my emotions, my confidence or my calm approach to life.  

These are MY choices to make, and I am making them wisely. You can do the same.

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